We're so glad you're here. It's us, Chris + Annika. We are located in Vancouver, BC andddddd you must be here because you're getting married? OR you're curious to know more about our passion orrrrrr you're just super into us and like our site haha.

We got married on May 13th in 2017. Our engagement was TWO MONTHS. Yep you read that right. We're wild, not normal and Annika is a super human planner. We have 2 cats named Hunter + Oliver. Our go-to coffee is a tall double shot latte, hot for Chris and iced for Annika. Big fans of craft beer, hockey, disc-golf and of course Disney.

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DO IT! Jump in and hire them, they are the perfect balance between beautiful photography, feeling natural and like yourself, and enjoying every minute of it.

Jakov + Emily

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We are located in the fraser valley