what the heck should you wear for your engagement session

If you're engaged you know the STRUGGLE. What do I wear? What should they wear? What will look good together?!

All reasonable questions to ask yourself. Seriously.

Well, first things first, if you’re going to buy new clothes for the session make sure you wear them beforehand to “break them in” so that you don’t feel uncomfortable during the shoot! This is key, regardless of what you wear, make sure you've worn it before. This helps ease you into photos and you don't have to worry about not feeling comfortable or confident in your clothes.

Think about where the photos will take place, and dress accordingly. If you're going to be hiking or walking a trail, you probably don't want to wear heels or dress shoes. You can wear almost anything to any location but it will need to compliment the location.

Okay okay okay, now let's get into why you're actually here.....WHAT SHOULD YOU WEAR?!

why you should layer

Layering is KEY. Look at this photo of the couple with their jackets on and then their jackets off. It changes the look completely. Layering is super important when it comes to a photo session. You are able to change up your outfit with minimal effort and make it look or feel totally different.

hat's work

This is for both men and women, HAT'S LOOK SOOOO GOOD. Okay first, we're not talking about your classic ball cap. But a fancy fat, a wide brim hat. Hat's look good and we know you secretly want to wear one ;) DO IT, and it can come on and off throughout the shoot!! It's perfect.

why dressing up is fun

Ask yourselves this, "when do we get the opportunity to get photos done in our fancy clothes?" ....the answer is probably never, or a quick phone snap at someone's wedding. TREAT YO SELF! Dress up! Ladies, wear that skirt or dress that you've been wanting to for awhile. Men, dress shirts look good.

jean's and a tee? perfect.

Yep, you read that correctly. Jeans and a tee. If that's all you want to wear, that's cool too. It looks good, it looks comfortable and it may be the only way to feel your best self if this is your everyday look.

One thing that you may have noticed throughout the photos above...the colours are neutrals, no one is wearing bright yellow or red. Try to avoid bright, bright colours. Neutrals and creams photograph AMAZING. Trust us.

Well? DO you know what to wear now?

Wear what is comfortable. Compliment your partner. Don't wear the same colour shirt. And make sure you WEAR the outfit before hand, just a few times.

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